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Inua Ellams
Co-commissioned by
Soho Theatre, Fuel and Contact
Produced by
23 Sep - 13 Nov 2010
Inua Ellams

Fuel presents Inua Ellams’ Untitled

Untitled was a magical, lyrical story set in Nigeria and England, of identical twin boys separated at infancy. In the quarrel after the marred naming ceremony, the mother grabs the titled child and flees, leaving the unnamed brother to lead an impetuous, chaotic, blasphemous existence until the spirits of the land make their stand. 

Co-commissioned by Soho Theatre, Fuel and Contact.  

Developed as part of Fuel at the Roundhouse and at Cove Park. Funded by Arts Council England. 


"Ellams’ poetry is packed full of snap, crackle and pop."

Time Out on The 14th Tale 

"Ellam's evocative writing conjures a Nigeria where myth and magic sit casually alongside everyday life."

The Guardian 

"Ellam's holds us rapt even as he slips from performance towards straight poetry."

Time Out 

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