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Produced by
Sally Gibson and Fuel
Music by
Tim Philips
Design by
Jon Bausor
Video by
Andi Watson
16 Oct - 6 Nov 2007

A Filter and Lyric Hammersmith co-production in association with Warwick Arts Centre.

Imagine you looked out of the window one morning and saw jellyfish. No birds fluttering, just a sky full of gelatinous animals. Every now and then a shark or a tuna glides past noiselessly past. And everywhere… water.

For Water, the then Artistic Director of the Lyric Hammersmith David Farr joined forces with the groundbreaking Filter and Radiohead’s Live Performance Designer Andi Watson to create a visually extraordinary theatrical performance.

With the strange beauty of a dream – Water sets two deeply personal stories against a backdrop of increasingly unstable climate change: two half brothers clash over the legacy of their dead father, while another man runs from the impending birth of his child.

Filter is renowned for its distinctive theatrical style that exposes the workings of a production – video is mixed onstage and sound is produced live by a musician and the performers to create a unique, ‘live chemistry’ experience for audiences.

Creative Team

Music by Tim Philips
Design by Jon Bausor
Video by Andi Watson
Lighting by Jon Clark


""Outrageously ambitious and gobsmackingly well-orchestrated drama ... a triumph of both style and substance." "

Mark Powell, Metro

ABB73C5B-A51C-4932-BDF3-C60C9D79146A Created with sketchtool.

Project History