The New Normal – Manifesto

Posted on: 4th March 2021


Fuel’s community of freelancers has created a Manifesto in response to their combined experience and galvanised by the events around the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.


The Manifesto includes a call to action for individuals and organisations to sign up to its principles.

A diverse group of artists has today announced the publication of a Manifesto that has been written over a number of months as a response to their own experiences working in the arts industry and a common belief that systemic discrimination runs throughout the industry. Energised by the sense that real change might be possible in the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement and that there was a real opportunity to take, the group decided that they needed to be a force for good and to create a set of guidelines and expectations that individuals and organisations can commit to in their future working practice.

While focused on Black artists it is the group’s hope that the principles will be applied to ensure equity for all groups facing barriers in the performing arts and entertainment industries and/or society more broadly due to their race, ethnicity, or disability.

Artists who contributed to the Manifesto include:

– Khalid Abdalla

– Femi Elufowoju jr.

– Jenni Jackson

– Ruth Mary Johnson

– Nick Makoha

– Lola May

– David Webber


The Manifesto is currently endorsed by a host of people including Christopher Haydon and Rose Theatre, Pauline Mayers, Sule Rimi, Chris Thorpe, Akiyawerikumo Henry, Richard Dufty, Caridad Svich, Miriam Nabarro, Nicola Cashin & EGO Performance Company, Richard Twyman & English Touring Theatre, and Kate McGrath & Fuel.

Read the Manifesto in full here.

Individuals and Organisations are asked to commit to the 10 point plan by signing up at the following links:

As an individual, I endorse this manifesto and pledge to play whatever part I can in moving forwards together to create a safe space, free of racism, for the Black artist and for all.  Sign up here

As an organisation, we endorse this manifesto and pledge to work together to create a safe space, free of racism, for the Black artist and for all.  Sign up here

For further information please contact Jennifer Jackson, Nick Makoha, and Lola May at


Click here for the short plain text version (created by Diverse City).