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Encounter make shows about (extra) ordinary events, ideas and people. They are committed to creating innovative work with dance and new writing, working in collaboration with both trained and untrained performers from a range of communities. The company’s mission is to interrogate how contemporary writing and dance can co-exist at the heart of new work, exploring innovative ways in which to generate text through a shared process to construct narrative and physical worlds. 

We started working with Encounter in 2017 because Louise and Stuart went to see their show I Heart Catherine Pistachio at The Yard in Hackney in July 2016. What we saw was a brilliantly choreographed, performed and written piece of physical theatre. Their commitment to telling challenging, important and surreal stories that are on the edge of acceptability through high energy and fizzing physicality was impossible to ignore. After meeting the lead artists; Jennifer Malarkey and Lee Mattinson and talking about their (hundreds) of inspiring ideas and listening to their intelligent attitude and alternative approach to embedding participation in their work we began working together on two new ideas; Deaf Choir and Island.

Image credit: Chris Nash