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And the Rain Falls Down

Lyric Hammersmith
Music By
David Leahy
Design by
David Harradine & Ali Beale
Directed by
Sam Butler & David Harradine
16 Feb - 20 Feb 2011
Lyric Hammersmith

Fuel presents And the Rain Falls Down

From the creators of Brilliant and The Forest, And the Rain Falls Down is a show about drips, drops, and downpours…

Imagine a world where every drop of water has a life of its own…

A world where rainbows form from umbrellas, where fountains spurt from plugholes, and where eventually the rain really does fall down. Revel in puddles of fun in this magical treat, featuring rather a lot of water!

Created especially for 3 and 4 year olds, And the Rain Falls Down is a visually stunning celebration of the watery things in the world.

Creative Team
Direction by Sam Butler and David Harradine
Design by David Harradine and Ali Beale
Music by David Leahy
Lighting by Jo Manser
Photographs by Greg Pigott & David Harradine


"Showing what fun wet weather days can be"

Reviews Gate

"From the very first drip, this is terrific fun, full of playfulness. "

The Guardian

"And the Rain Falls Down is a beautifully crisp and giddily enthusiastic little piece that will leave you beaming."

Culture Wars

"A luminous project that holds the children fascinated in its grasp. ⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Time Out on Brilliant

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