• The Preston Bill playtext - £8.99

    You can own the story of Bill with a copy of The Preston Bill's playtext.

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    Andy Smith & Fuel presents

    The Preston Bill

    Written & performed by Andy Smith
    Welcome to The North.
    A story from Preston.  About Preston.
    A story that will make you stop and think about where you, and we, are in the world.
    Award winning theatre maker Andy Smith presents this newly commissioned piece of theatre, telling a tale of a man from this city, and all that has happened here, there, and everywhere in this last 80 years.
  • The Spalding Suite playtext - £8.99

    You can own a slice of the baller action with a copy of The Spalding Suite's playtext.

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    Fuel presents

    The Spalding Suite

    Conceived by Inua Ellams

    Directed by Benji Reid 

    Commissioned by Southbank Centre and Contact

    A new physical theatre show inspired by the UK's basketball sub-culture.

    Watch the trailer here.

    'When we were young, we worshipped stars.
    gleaming long-limbed gods
    framed in the act of impossible flight,
    For a time we tried to follow,
    to carve out our own piece of sky
    with a butter-smooth arc of an arm
    and a Spalding ball glued to the fingertips

    Fresh poetry combined with contemporary movement celebrates the elegance and beauty of basketball.

    Seen from a British perspective, The Spalding Suite gets to the heart and soul of the gravity-defying game and delves into the hopes and dreams of those who play it.

    Six dynamic performers mix live beatboxing, hip-hop, music, moves and poetry, taking us from the fleeting high of the score and the robust camaraderie of the team, to the poignant lows of a body too worn to play the game.

    Poetry by Inua Ellams, Bohdan Piasecki, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Roger Robinson, Nick Makoha and Nii Parkes.


    Co-commissioned by Southbank Centre and Contact. Funded by Arts Council England and a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. Produced by Fuel.

  • The Red Chair playtext - £6.50

    Clod Ensemble
    The Red Chair
    Written & performed by Sarah Cameron
    This intimate new show from Clod Ensemble has a dark, original fairy tale at its heart. The Red Chair is a surreal ballad that tells the story of a man who could not stop eating, the wife doomed to cook his meals and their ‘inveesible’ daughter.
    Join acclaimed writer/performer Sarah Cameron as she takes you on a journey through a world of extreme compulsion and eye watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions.
    Told in a rich and saucy Scots dialect with physical verve, a musical score that rolls in like the mist over the hills and a wee dram of whisky to oil the way, The Red Chair lies somewhere between a Grimms’ Tale, an absurdist ghost story and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children.

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  • The Victorian in the Wall playtext - £9.99

    Snap up the playtext of the Royal Court Theatre sell out show from Perrier winner Will Adamsdale.

    A Fuel and Royal Court Theatre co-production

    The Victorian in the Wall

    By Will Adamsdale

    With additional material from Jason Barnett, Chris Branch, Matthew Steer, and Melanie Wilson

    Co-directed by Will Adamsdale and Lyndsey Turner

    Latte-land... London.

    4x4s, grand design knock-throughs, organic everything.

    A work-shy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. Everyone's pretty surprised. Adjustments need to be made.  

    Can the strange visitor unlock his hopeless career? His flagging relationship? A story buried in these walls for over a century? (Doubt it. Maybe. Yes.) 

    A comedy with songs from Perrier Award winner Will Adamsdale (Jackson’s Way, The Summer House).

  • The 14th Tale playtext - £4.99

    Inua Ellams’ first stage piece won him a Scotsman Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 and a run at the National Theatre. Here, he turns his performance into a chaptered story of prose poetry, vividly describing the exploits of a natural-born mischief growing from clay streets in Nigeria to roof tops in Dublin – and finally to heartbreak in London.

  • Making (Your) Things Work For You! - £12.99

    That's right cadets!

    Hot off the press is the highly anticipated third publication from legendary life coach and motivational speaker Chris John Jackson. His previous books 'Maximum Jackson' and 'Jackson, Just A Man' sold multiple copies worldwide.

    Now he returns with his Power-Pamphlet 'Making (Your) Things Work For You!' which includes all you could ever want to know about The TeamTM!

    What you get: one-on-one text training from the man / a free DVD on Power ZonesTM / a full color photograph of Jackson and The TeamTM / AND Actual Team Relics!

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  • Untitled - £10.99

    “If we let our children name themselves, will they author their own destinies?”
    Inua Ellams’ second play Untitled is a magical, lyrical story set in Nigeria and England, of identical twin boys separated at infancy and explores the relationship between the diaspora and those left behind. Take a look behind the story with Inua’s “ingredients” of the play and added poems that influence the text.

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  • Unlock Havelock - £12.99

    Andrew Dawson, Fuel, The University of Chichester and Valle Walkley joined forces to create a memento from a street. Andrew grew up on Havelock Road, Bognor Regis, but before he began this project he hadn’t been back since 1985, when his father’s dead body lay undiscovered for 10 days. We returned with him to build a relationship with residents and host an artistic event. Here is a keepsake of the time we spent in Havelock Road, including photos and quotes from residents and Andrew.

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  • An Infinite Line - £12.99

    An Infinite Line: Brighton, by Fevered Sleep was an exploration of, and response to, the quality of natural light in Brighton. This book forms the third part of the project, preceded by a performance and cinematic installation. Created by Valle Walkley, it is a collection of writings which describe in words the mercurial and ephemeral light as it changes across a day, across seasons, and across a year.

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  • The Summer House Play Text - £6.99

    Three not-so-alpha males are AWOL in Iceland.

    Then the Vikings arrive.

    Mountains, myths and middle-class angst, in a new play about friendship and modern masculinity. And the weather. 

    The Summer House is a first time collaboration between Will Adamsdale (Jackson's Way), Neil Haigh (Cartoon de Salvo), Matthew Steer (Britain's Best Mates), and John Wright (co-founder of Told by an Idiot and Trestle).

    The Summer House is produced by Fuel and was first performed at artsdepot, London, on 11th March 2011, before embarking on a UK-wide tour.

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  • MUST - £0.00

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    A special accompaniment to the collaboration between Clod Ensemble and legendary New York performance artist Peggy Shaw. MUST is a poetic look at what it feels like to have a body. It excavates the memories and images contained in the joints and layers of bone and this book does the same – layering Peggy’s words over enigmatic images taken from the body to create a piece of art all to itself.